String Formatting in Python

In the previous article, we saw the use of escape sequences and raw strings now let us discuss Formatted Strings in Python, When we want to print formatted data, suppose combining multiple strings we can use the + operator. While something like this would work in practice, it would require a lot of plus operator … Read more

Check for Palindrome in Python

In the previous article we explored pattern searching in Python, on this article we will see how we can check for Palindrome in Python logic. Before we delve further, think of the date 10-02-2001 which can be expressed as 10022001. From either side, left to right or right to left we arrive at the same … Read more

String Operations in Python Part 1

In the previous article we saw the use of Formatting Strings in Python, in this article we are going to discuss operations on Strings and methods of Strings. Working with String Operations in Python The first operation we are going to discuss is checking whether a given string is a substring of another string or … Read more

Common String Operations in Python

In the previous article we have seen some of the list operations and string operations in python. Now we will look at some more vital string operations, keywords or functions in Python. Transformation/Manipulation of Strings There are a number of fun methods that we can use to transform our string text. Among those more important for … Read more