How to Become a Web Developer in 5 Easy Steps by experts

How to Become a web Developer in India

How to Become a Web Developer: There’s no reason to be intimidated by the idea of becoming a web developer. It’s a job that thousands of people all over the world enjoy and excel at every day. If you’ve wanted to become a web developer, but haven’t known where to start, we’re here to help. … Read more

How to Become a Game Developer in India – A Step by Step Guide

How to Become a Game Developer in India

How to Become a Game Developer in India: The gaming industry has been growing rapidly in India. Games have become a part of our culture and the industry is flourishing. Game development companies in India have been flourishing over the past few years. With this growth, there is also a growth in the demand for … Read more

Upload Data in MongoDB Atlas from local computer

In this particular post, I’m going to tell you the easiest way to upload data into the MongoDB atlas cluster database. You must have come across a lot of other ways to upload data to MongoDB atlas using your MongoDB bash shell, creating individual documents, etc. All the other methods except mentioned in this post … Read more

Pair With Given Sum in Unsorted Array

In this question, we have to find the pair with given sum in unsorted array. We have been given an unsorted array along with a number say k. You’ll have to look if there is a pair in the given array whose sum is equal to k. Brute Force Approach to Find Pair With Given … Read more

Two Pointer Approach: An Efficient Technique

In this article we will discuss a linear and constant space technique to solve the programming questions. Two pointer Approach is an efficient technique to solve the problem with optimized time and space complexity. Two Pointer Approach Algorithm is mostly used for solving the array problems, where pointers are actually array indexes. Whenever the solution … Read more

Insertion Sort – A Stable Sorting Algorithm

Have you ever played card? If yes, then you’ll feel that insertion sort is somewhat similar to arranging cards in your hand. While arranging cards you’ll place the first card in your hand. After picking the second card you’ll compare it with the existing card and place it in the correct order. In the same … Read more

QuickSort Algorithm

Here you’ll learn how to write a program for quicksort algorithm understand its theory, and using an example learn how its implemented. Contrary to the name, this isn’t the fastest sorting algorithm out there, this will be clearer once the time complexity of QuickSort is discussed later. But first, let’s start with the algorithm approach. … Read more