Escape Sequences and Raw Strings in Python

In the previous article we saw some string programs to demonstrate common characteristics of Strings in Python, now let us examine the concept of escape sequences and raw strings in Python. Imagine the below statement as part of a program The program fails to execute simply because the apostrophe interferes with the program’s syntax where … Read more

Optimized solutions in Python for All Divisors and Prime Number

In the previous article we explored programs for obtaining all divisors of a given number. Let us see the ways in which we can discuss optimize the programs in the previous article as well as the program for Prime Numbers. Optimizing programs in recent usage or legacy code is important as we gain new knowledge … Read more

Program to separate Even and Odd List Elements

In the previous article we explored how we could write a function to return the smaller elements from a list. Now we will apply similar logic to write a function to separate even and odd list elements. We are given a list, we need to write a function that takes the list as argument and … Read more

if-else and elif statements in Python

In this article we will explore the If-else and elif statements in Python. These statements exist to execute code if certain conditional statements are satisfied. They can be very helpful for specific needs or tasks. For example while working on an online form, which requires the user to enter a username. The user has strongly … Read more

Type Conversion in Python

While Python handles data types automatically, sometimes the program may require us to use exact specific data types rather than relying on the language to figure out what data types would be appropriate. Data types in Python allow you to classify data, define the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be assigned, and the operations that can be … Read more

Python Integers: Type Casting and Doubling Integers | Swapping Values | Concatenation of Integers

In this article we will revise the Python Integer concepts we have previously gone through in while discussing Integer data types, we will have a look at how to solve common Integer problems involving type casting/conversion, doubling, swapping of integer values and the concatenation of integer values in Python. Typecasting and doubling Python Integers problem … Read more

Common String Operations in Python

In the previous article we have seen some of the list operations and string operations in python. Now we will look at some more vital string operations, keywords or functions in Python. Transformation/Manipulation of Strings There are a number of fun methods that we can use to transform our string text. Among those more important for … Read more

Accept user input in Python 3 | User Input/output in Python 3

We have already seen and utilized the print() function  through many examples. It is utilized for displaying data, by default, on the output screen. However, in some cases we might need to further modify the output or need to receive specific input from the user to customize the Python program according to our needs. Entering input data … Read more

Errors and Exceptions in Python

It is a common occurrence to encounter errors or warnings while working with Python, or various different programming languages. These errors may occur due to a wide variety of reasons. The process of handling exceptions and errors in Python can significantly increase the resilience of program code to failures, due to which the program’s workflow … Read more

Lists in Python | Strings in Python – Complete Guide

In this article we will look at the list basics, appending elements to lists, removing list elements, sorting list elements, joining lists and various other fundamental list operations. We will also have a look at strings and the various operations that can be performed on them in Python. Lists in Python In the previous article … Read more