String Formatting in Python

In the previous article, we saw the use of escape sequences and raw strings now let us discuss Formatted Strings in Python, When we want to print formatted data, suppose combining multiple strings we can use the + operator. While something like this would work in practice, it would require a lot of plus operator … Read more

Selection Sort Algorithm

Here, you’ll get thorough info about writing a program using a selection sort algorithm, while implementing an example. This is one of the simplest algorithms for sorting arrays. Its disadvantages are relating to time complexity which will be discussed further. We are tasked to create a sorted array of elements from a given random array, … Read more

QuickSort Algorithm

Here you’ll learn how to write a program for quicksort algorithm understand its theory, and using an example learn how its implemented. Contrary to the name, this isn’t the fastest sorting algorithm out there, this will be clearer once the time complexity of QuickSort is discussed later. But first, let’s start with the algorithm approach. … Read more

Rotating Elements of a Matrix by 90 Degrees

We’ll understand rotating elements of a matrix by 90 degrees, without using extra space and write the program to implement the same. Directly placing the elements of a matrix row by row in a temporary matrix is a reasonable solution, but the space complexity doubles in that case, when we have large sets of data, … Read more

Program for Spiral Traversal of a Matrix

We’ll learn to write a program for spiral traversal of a matrix of size m x n, which does mean as it sounds, we’ll start the corner of the matrix and traverse in a spiral towards the center of the matrix. Understanding the question, and output Given: Matrix, SizeOutput: Printing elements in a line using … Read more

Program to Search in Row-wise and Column-wise Sorted Matrix

Program to search in a row-wise column-wise sorted matrix i.e. printing the location of an element(if it exists) in a row and column-wise sorted matrix.