Keyword Arguments in Python

In the previous article we looked at the usage of default arguments we will look at what is the purpose behind the utilization of keyword arguments in Python. The arguments we have discussed so far, they were either default or positional arguments. Let us understand positional and keyword arguments with the help of an … Read more

Parameter Passing in Python

In the previous article, we have explored variable length arguments, now we will look at Parameter Passing in Python. When we pass a parameter to a function, how is it passed? Does it contain the same reference to a variable or a different variable, if we make any changes to this variable is it reflected … Read more

Default Arguments in Python

In the previous article we saw the internal logic of Python functions and how they work. Now we will take a look at the Default Arguments in Python. Default arguments exist when the functions do not require values to be passed to them or the function accepts certain values even in the absence of user-given … Read more