Median of Two Sorted Arrays | Leetcode Problem #4

In this question, given two sorted arrays nums1 and nums2 of size m and n respectively, you have to return the median of two sorted arrays Goal: The overall run time complexity should be O(log(m+n)) Naive Solution to Find Median of Two Sorted Arrays In this solution, we create a vector and then insert all … Read more

Find Peak Element in Array | Leetcode Problem #162

A peak element is defined as an element that is strictly greater than its neighbor. In this question, you’ll be provided with an array in which you have to find peak element and return its index. In case the array contains multiple peak elements, return the index of any one of the peak elements. You … Read more

Program to Count Occurrence in a Sorted Array (From Naive to an Efficient Approach)

In this question, you’ll have to find the frequency of a given number(k) in a sorted array (nums[ ]). Below we have provided some of the examples so that you can have a better understanding of how to count occurrence in a sorted array. Naive Solution(Using Linear Search) In this approach, we use a linear … Read more